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Provides employee development by utilizing individual work or work-related activities to assist individuals to understand the meaning, value, and demands of work; to modify or develop attitudes, personal characteristics, and work behavior; and to develop functional capacities, as required, to assist individuals in reaching their optimum level of vocational development.

Works with employers and individual’s co-workers to understand the training methods and accommodations that are needed for the individual’s success

Work alongside the individual to help them learn their new work tasks

Assist the individual in identifying and developing natural supports at the work site

Assist the individual in learning and understanding their workplace culture

Create job aids, task analysis and other tools to foster ongoing success and independence

Transports program individuals when related to vocational activities and approved by your supervisor

Communicate the individuals work progress with supervisor

Writes case notes and summaries that are detailed and accurate within the timelines established by department leadership and agency policies.

Completes all reports within timelines established by Department leadership and agency policies.

Accepts and willingly carries out special assignments or duties, when requested.

Projects positive image Life Unlimited and program individuals to the local community.

Provides prospective employers with appropriate program information; responds to employers’ bias and concerns regarding hiring persons with disabilities.

Assures the confidentiality of information regarding program individuals.

Abides by ethical and legal guidelines for case communication and recording.

Respects the rights of all individuals served.

The ability to effectively and efficiently use computers or mobile devices to input, access, modify, or output information. This includes the ability to quickly access, store and retrieve data.

All Other Duties as Assigned

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business: Life Unlimited
contact: David Kroll
address: 320 Armour Road
North Kansas City, MO 64116
phone: 816-781-4332 (Call Now)